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Free Software Available.

If you have opened a Tallinex Account through one of my links.. even a demo account. I will provide you a copy of my Jimdandy Trade Management Tool Software for free to use on that account. You have to contact me and let me know.. I can see account numbers but have no way of contacting who they belong to. So take advantage of this opportunity and contact me.

Amazon Ebook Reviews.

If you came to the site and are taking the first level please take the time and go to amazon and leave a positive review for my book, "How Hard is Mql4 Programming?". I hope you are enjoying what you are learning here.

I have spent a couple of years developing all of this and I hope you are able to make yourself a better life because of it. I am still working on it every day trying to keep up with the changes that metaquotes continues to make. Up to version 765 now.