Cool Tool Course

If you would like to take this course then go to the course at HERE

You can buy the course and watch it as many times as you like. You can download the files as we go as well as download the videos if you would like. Perhaps if you don't have good internet where you live you can go to a hotspot and get the videos and go home and watch them while you code with me. Also this video player at teachable will let you adjust the speed... Go give it a try!.. CLICK HERE..

Module 1 Cool Tool Mini Course
Unit 1 Cool Tool Part 1 (Getting Started.)
Unit 2 Cool Tool Part 2 (Creating AppWindow)
Unit 3 Cool Tool Part 3 (Grabbing Our Pairs From MarketWatch)
Unit 4 Cool Tool Part 4 (Adding Buttons)
Unit 5 Cool Tool Part 5(Bringing Our Buttons to Life)
Unit 6 Cool Tool Part 6 (Adding TimeFrame Buttons)
Unit 7 Cool Tool Part 7(Activating Our TimeFrame Buttons)
Unit 8 Cool Tool Part 8(Making it Stay Where We Leave It.)
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