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 I am  currently in the process of moving my courses to

I am going to eventually get it to where takes you to my teachable site instead of here so do this today!

If you currently have a subscription to some courses here on I will need to move your account to teachable. Please email me at with your username and email address that you want to use over there. Let me know which courses you are currently subscribed to and I will check them against my records here and give you access to the same courses on teachable...

The advantage to teachable is that this is no longer a one year subscription.. this is now a purchase that gives you PERMANENT access to your course so you can come back again and again. Also teachable works well on devices.. and has other ways to pay than just paypal..

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New Course Now Available for Making Graphical Interfaces!!!

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3 months subscription to Graphical Interfaces Module 59.95

NEW INFO: A paypal account is not necessary. If you would like to purchase the full 4 module course with a credit card through Stripe then there is a new form HERE for doing so.

After payment, you will be sent an email from to choose your password. Make sure it does not go in your spam folder and you whitelist

 Watch the above explanatory video before subscribing.

1Yr. Module 1 Access 39.58
1 Yr.Modules 1 & 2 Access. 69.16
1 Yr.Modules 1,2,3 Access 108.74
1 Yr.Modules 1,2,3,4 Access 199.58

Module 1 has gone from 16 videos totaling 93 minutes to a whopping 31 videos containing more than 7 hours of video training! 

 This course is an unbelievable  value. It will provide you with a good knowledge of mql4. I get appreciative emails from students excited about what they have learned to code and I enjoy reading them all.

So go ahead and subscribe for Course Module 1 access today!

Click the button above to subscribe to course module 1 access for a year.(OOP Basics Included) for only $39.58 using paypal you don't have paypal... 

Scroll down for more options.

I have incorporated a course module on object oriented programming so that you will not be a total stranger to it either.   

Also I wanted to mention the 1 year site subscription was the option that made the most sense when it came time to make a paypal button.. really you will go through the course much quicker than that ... in only a few weeks probably.. just keep in mind that you are NOT BUYING these videos. You are merely paying for access to this course site for a year to view them.

"Subscription Level 1"

Click this button  to subscribe to access to Module 1(OOP Basics Included) for

Every journey starts with that first step. This is that step.

Note: Once you have module 1 access you can then see an upgrade to  module 2 access. Once you have module 2 access credentials then you will be able to see module 3 access upgrade and so on.

"Subscription Level 2"

This button above is for subscribing to access to both modules 1 and 2 for $69.16

To get both the fundamentals mentioned above and learn how to put them into practice, making some useful scripts in module 2 (22 videos) that do things like, gather information that we need to know to trade smart, or other things like making tools to open, close and modify trades...

A total of about 11 hours of video instruction plus downloadable scripts that you can modify to do what you want, then click the button above to subscribe to both modules 1 and 2 . You can start at the beginning of either level.

"Subscription Level 3"

This button above is for subscribing to access to modules 1, 2 and 3 for 108.74

If you would like to get "Subscription Level 3" access.....

Course Module 1 : The fundamentals where you learn the vocabulary that you need to know when it comes to variables and data types and all the things mentioned above.

Course Module 2: Learning how to gather information that we need to use in our trading. How to open close and modify orders among other things.

Course Module 3: Making our own custom indicators. How to use the indicators that are already built into metatrader in combination to make a combination signal. How to call a custom indicator that you may already own. How to make an onscreen dashboard to monitor your positions all while learning to program logic that we will call from our future expert advisors. At this time this total package includes at least 16 hours of video instruction plus downloadable scripts, indicators and dashboards that you can modify and play with.

Then click the button above to gain access modules 1 , 2 and 3 . You can start at the beginning of any of the three modules.


The Whole Enchilada!

"Subscription Level 4"

Course modules 1, 2, 3 and 4!

This button above is for subscribing to access to modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 for 199.58

If you would like to have access to the whole thing.

Course Module 1 : The fundamentals

Course Module 2: Learning by writing scripts

Course Module 3: Making our own custom indicators and .....

Course Module 4: Making our own Expert Advisers. This module is almost 12 hours of videos! It teaches you the things you need to know to write a profitable Expert Adviser. From how to put passwords and expiration times on your files to writing full-fledged and profitable EA's.

You will learn about such things as calling a custom indicator from your EA or actually putting your indicator code into the EA code if you have access to it. I will show you how to write and then give to you EA's that work based on different ideas and triggers. You will learn how to martingale trades and how to close trades on an opposite signal.

We will write an Ea called Market Trapper that makes money no matter which direction the market moves.

We also write a basket trading robot. The experts, indicators and tools that I give you in this course is worth much more than what I am charging for it.

There is more that I could teach in this level but the price would be out of reach for most. This course is better than anything else you will find on the internet. Take advantage of it now!

Module 1 39.58
Modules 1 & 2. 69.16
Modules 1,2,3 108.74
Modules 1,2,3,4 199.58

Let the journey begin!


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