Module Level 4

Writing Expert Advisors.

Module 1 Making it Idiot Proof and Controlling Access
Unit 1 Starting From the Beginning
Unit 2 Checking Our Settings
Unit 3 Password Protection
Unit 4 Your Expert Can Close Itself!
Unit 5 Code that will expire.
Module 2 The Basic Foundation
Unit 1 The Mandatory Components of a Basic EA
Unit 2 Reviewing The Basic Components
Module 3 Using iCustom To Call Your Indicator
Unit 1 How to Call a Custom Indicator With iCustom()
Unit 2 Calling With Custom Parameters
Unit 3 Multiple TimeFrame Problems
Unit 4 Custom Indicator Calling Tool and DEMA EA
Unit 5 Practice Your Trigger Coding
Module 4 Adding More Functionality to Our Basic EA
Unit 1 Auto-Generating Our MagicNumbers
Unit 2 Adding Move to BreakEven
Unit 3 Adding a Trailing Stop
Unit 4 Adding a Candle (Swing High/Low) Stop
Unit 5 Solving Stoploss Coding Problems
Unit 6 Moving Indicator Code Into Our Expert Advisor
Module 5 Controlling the Opening and Closing Of Trades
Unit 1 Limiting Number of Orders and Checking if Hedging is Allowed
Unit 2 Closing On Opposite Signal
Unit 3 Closing Trades On a FIFO Compliant Platform
Module 6 Martingaling The Two-Edged Sword
Unit 1 Martingaling
Unit 2 Market Trapper Part 1
Unit 3 Market Trapper Part2
Module 7 Controlling a Sequence of Trades
Unit 1 Using Trade Comments to Identify Trades
Unit 2 Knowing When to Quit Trading
Unit 3 An OnScreen Display to Monitor Our Situation
Unit 4 Setting Lotsize For Each Trade in The Sequence.
Module 8 Basket Trading
Unit 1 Introducing Basket Trading
Unit 2 Coding a MACD Trigger
Unit 3 Controlling our Trade Spacing
Unit 4 The Math of "Cost Averaging"
Unit 5 Closing All Trades Together
Unit 6 Using a Auto-Mild Martingale
Unit 7 Manual Martingale
Unit 8 BasketTrader Smartingale
Unit 9 Displaying the Basket Breakeven
Unit 10 Basket Trader Finished.
Unit 11 Concluding Remarks
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