Module 2 Scripts


Module 2
Module 1 So What's a Script and How Do We Make One?
Unit 1 What is a Script?
Unit 2 Daily Range Script
Module 2 MessageBox A Useful Tool
Unit 1 Introduction to MessageBox
Unit 2 Message Box Flags
Unit 3 #Defines and the Hexadecimal System
Unit 4 Using MessageBox to Choose Our Path
Module 3 Getting Our Attention with Email and Push Notifications
Unit 1 Sounding an Alert
Unit 2 Email and Push Notifications
Module 4 Knowledge Is Power (Gathering Information)
Unit 1 Gathering Information Using Pre Defined Variables.
Unit 2 MarketInfo() Function Part1
Unit 3 MarketInfoFunction() Part2
Unit 4 AccountInfo
Module 5 Order Management Using Scripts
Unit 1 Sending Orders With Scripts
Unit 2 Selecting an Order For Modification
Unit 3 Error Checking in Our Code
Unit 4 Placing Pending Orders
Unit 5 Buying/Selling Scripts and Point/Pip Explained.
Unit 6 Drag And Drop Scripts
Unit 7 Deleting Pending Orders
Unit 8 Using a For Loop to Delete Orders
Unit 9 Closing Market Orders (Trades)
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