Module 3 Custom Indicators

Custom Indicators.

Module 1 Indicators And The Arrays That Make Them Possible
Unit 1 Custom Indicator Introduction
Unit 2 The Simplest Indicator and Where It Comes From
Unit 3 Series Arrays
Unit 4 Array Functions Explained
Module 2 How To Write the Code For an Indicator
Unit 1 How Indicators Become Part of the Chart.
Unit 2 Making the Indicator Display at a Specific Place On the Chart.
Unit 3 The New OnCalculate Function
Unit 4 Drawing With Loops and Array Out of Range
Unit 5 Putting Logic Into Our Indicator
Module 3 Moving our Indicator to a Separate Window
Unit 1 Putting An Indicator in a Separate Window
Unit 2 Setting Properties During OnInit Instead of Using Pre-Compiler Lines.
Module 4 Working With Technical Indicators
Unit 1 Technical Indicators Save A Lot of Coding
Unit 2 Let's Make an MA
Unit 3 Setting up MaCross Graphics
Unit 4 Setting Up MaCross Logic
Module 5 Putting Controls in Our Indicators
Unit 1 Putting Settings In Our MA Cross Signal
Unit 2 Bollinger Band Signals
Unit 3 Fixing Array Out of Range Part 1
Unit 4 Fixing Array Out of Range Part 2
Unit 5 Putting in the Notifications
Module 6 Combining Indicators into One Signal
Unit 1 Bollinger Stochastic Combo Part 1
Unit 2 Bollinger Stochastic Combo Part 2
Module 7 How To Call a Custom Indicator
Unit 1 Calling Custom Indicators Part 1
Unit 2 Calling Custom Indicators Part 2
Unit 3 Calling Custom Indicators Part 3
Module 8 Special Multi-Colored Full Adjustable Macd Indicator
Unit 1 Our Oscillator Part 1
Unit 2 Our Oscillator Part 2
Unit 3 Our Oscillator Part 3
Unit 4 Our Oscillator Part 4
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