Object Oriented Programming Primer

The videos in this OOP course are included in the first module of my Main Course "The Fundamentals".. however if you already are familiar with the basics of coding but are not sure about what classes and structures are and how they are used in Object Oriented Programming, this primer will show you how they are designed and connected together to use each others code.
You will learn the concepts of such things as encapsulation, extensibility, overloading and polymorphism... I know it sounds complicated but I will make it simple for you..
Keep in mind, you can get these same videos by simply subscribing to the first module of my course for 39.58 and learning much, much, much more for an additional 20 bucks.
If you don't already know the basics taught in the fundamentals this OOP course will probably be a bit much for you. Want to find out?.. Go ahead, HIT THE BUTTON!
Only____$19.58 will get you started on your way to understanding the basic object oriented programming concepts.

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Module 1 Structures and Classes
Unit 1 OOP Enumerations
Unit 2 OOP Structures
Unit 3 OOP More Structure and Class Differences
Unit 4 OOP Constructors
Unit 5 OOP Destructors
Unit 6 OOP Classes, Setters and Getters
Unit 7 OOP Encapsulation, Extensibility, Overloading, PolyMorphism?
Unit 8 OOP Using the Mql4 Wizard to Create a Class
Unit 9 OOP Inheritance
Unit 10 Conclusion and Commentary
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