Tablet and Phone Video Viewing Problems.

I have been making some modifications to the site to try and make it easier to use with my ipad. When viewing a course unit the widgets on the right would sometimes overlay the video making it difficult to expand the video to full screen.

I have moved the big course progress widget to the bottom of the page below the videos in the footer.. also I figured out how to remove the ads on the course unit pages. This gives us a little more real estate on our small devices..

Another problem was that sometimes the video would get about half way through and then stop.. I found a setting that I think may help that problem as well. A setting that will make it buffer much more of the video ahead while playing. I'm hoping that will really make a difference.

Thanks to all of you who are sending me some nice feedback on the feedback page. I hope you are learning what you need to know. I get emails every week from people wanting me to code an EA or indicator for them. I simply don't have the time any more. If you would like to advertise your coding expertise or at least put your name on a page here on the site as someone to contact by those looking for coders.. Just let me know...