Some have asked how to leave some  feedback and share their opinion of the course. And how it has saved them a lot of time and frustration. So I will be posting some of their testimonials on this page.

This is an excellent course for MQL4. To understand and to operate Meta Trader platform better for my forex trading, I had felt the need to master this programming language. Computer programming was not my academic background and I did not have any basic knowledge about that, therefore I was really in the dark and clueless. I had spent a significant time searching for an easier way to learn this programming. Eventually I found Jim Dandy’s course and now I have just finished the total course (Level I, II, III, IV).

I believe that this is by far the best source for learning MQL4. It is very easy to grasp and was meant to be made for those who did not have any knowledge on computer programming. I’m grateful to Jim Dandy for showing me the path. This is my message to those who are sincerely interested in learning MQL4- it is certainly the easiest way and it is indeed a worthwhile investment.

Just to say that this is the best programming course I have ever approached. I can only wish I come across Jim much earlier as simply speaking Jim is a gifted teacher - the one that can pass knowledge on to students. Everything is explain the way that You will shout "Now I UNDERSTAND"
Thank You for sharing Your knowledge with me.
Wojchiech K.

Hands down the best course for learning mql4. Jim’s explanations throughout the modules are excellent, especially for those of us without a coding background. I’ve learned a lot through his course and continually reference the courses as I write expert advisors. Invaluable resource , 5 stars.
Andrew W.

Jim, you have killed all my self-doubts! This is how I feel after finishing Level 1 - the Fundamentals. I actually began to study MQL4 from a textbook over a year ago but then had to quit because I realized that I did not understand it. I have upgraded my subscription all the way up to level 4 because now I am absolutely confident that I will master this!
Also Jim, the great value of your video course that you did not mention in your welcome videoclip is that it saves a lot of TIME, which is the most precious thing since we live only once. With your natural talent to explain difficult concepts in an easy to understand way learning MQL4 would take about 20% of the time that would have been required if one was studying a boring textbook written in rocket science language. I regret I did not know about your video course years ago.

After attending all the modules and units here, I was impressed by how well Jim can teach us programming in MQL4. Before, I tried to learn by reading the online manual all by myself but did not progress much even though I was a C language programmer. Really grateful to what I have learned here. The lessons here open up my eyes to new possibilities. Hopefully, I can make a living soon by trading Forex and in turn help others to be successful too.

Hi Jim,
this is Andreas writing from Germany. I've just pressed the last "mark as completed" button from the very last video in your MQL4 course. Hence I went through all of them quite thoroughly and now I'm done, having the feeling that I've reached quite a good level of knowledge and understanding.
I've attached a screenshot of an expert advisor I've written in the meantime, that is able to trade different strategies in different markets at at time. But I guess without your help I wouldn't have achieved this so quickly.
Having booked your course was definitely worth the money and anyhow with a few good trades it shouldn't be an issue to amortize this investment.
So, thanks for all the good work and the hours and hours you've invested in order to make all these learnig videos for the interested coding community.
Pip! Pip!

Jim offers a thorough, crystal clear explanation of MQL4 programming. I have read every book I can find on the subject, including those written by professional programmers. None have provided me with as deep an understanding as Jim's course has. In some cases he offers information you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. In the end, you will have programs similar to those that people have paid thousands of dollars for. AND you will be able to write your own custom improvements into them. Or you could write your own beautiful scripts, indicators and EA's from scratch. Paul S.... 

Hi Jim, I did your courses on MQL programming a few years back, and would like to thank you for the time and effort you have invested in them. The quality shines through as the course is well thought out with each element described clearly and precisely. The other important note, is that Jim updates his courses where necessary with new releases of MQL, and that's rare. Whilst there are other programming courses on the web, yours is the go-to course that I can confidently point others in the direction of, so I can honestly say that my only disappointment is that I didn't find Jim's course first when I was starting out.
C. O... 

Hi Jim, Just about done the new course on Graphical Interfaces. Wanted to say thank you! Without this course, I am sure this functionality would just be impenetrable. The number of bugs and inconsistencies in the source is quiet shocking, and without documentation, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have bothered. However, your course has opened up this cool functionality to control my EA’s and Indicators without de-init’ing or re-initialising my charts. Nice work and thank you. Kind regards, Chris O. 

Hi Jim Thank you for all the effort every Course super and exactly explained, i learned a lot from you and of course im interested also to continue to learn more and support you further if you make new Course. looking forward for your new Post Best Regards ...Jmor

Just purchased your New Course it's worth every cent. Great audio and well presented. Thank you Jim for taking the time in creating this content. Cheers Rod..

Jim, Finally, I just finished the Module 4 (Expert Advisors), this is a remarkable course, you have a gift for programing and for teaching, and it does not happen often when the teacher is also a master of his/her craft. I am sure you save us an innumerable amount of weeks of frustration and disappointments, if we had started this new adventure on our own. Now I am confident I will build the robot I wanted when I first started the course, and many ideas for new ones. My dream of being able to trade Forex while working 8 to 5 and having a family to support is closer now, goodbye to stare at the screen for hours and hours, alerts sounding on the middle of my sleep to see if a trading opportunity was about to come and no more trigger happy trades out of boredom. Some day I will leave my tedious work and it would be thanks to you. John P.

Few years ago I started on this path thanks to your course and I have learned enough to implement the strategies Ive come up with. I can never thank you enough for this... Peter.

Dear Jim, thank you very much for all the great videos and your professional and very talented kind of explaining things to people like me who haven't coded anything in their lifes so far. I came in contact with java at university and shortly after I found out about MQL4 and MetaTrader and that it's actually possible for usual people to code their trading strategy into an EA. I was excited! Well since I started with your course my knowledge and skill has exponentially grown and I've coded a lot of EAs. And a lot of them you throw away after a week or so but I guess it's the way you gotta go to learn that stuff. I am still on it ... Letting my EAs trade from Monday to Friday and then analyzing and improving the code on the weekend.   So far I am quite successful with that (meaning I make small profits on a weekly basis, nothing big !But at least I don't get eaten up by losses). A thousand thanks to you! Max

Hi Jim, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! About 1 year ago, I signed up for all levels of the MQL4 course I also started to use the Jimdandy Trade Manager Tool. In one of your youtubes you said something like, "the market is going to go up or it is going to go down, can't tell which way it is going to go but eventually it will go one way or the other". It is an obvious idea and it is why the Trade Manager Tool works so well as long as I didn't get to greedy...  I then wrote my own EA. After 1100 lines of code the EA in a demo account is returning 4 to 8% per week....  Thank you for the ideas and wisdom!!! Your course, youtubes and tools are worth much more that they cost. But like all powerful tools they need to be used carefully. Mark


L.P. wrote...

Jim, if you ever prayed to be a blessing to someone, consider that prayer answered. Your course is AMAZING... I tried reading the MQL4 manual. To be frank, it stinks. You are a Godsend. I can't thank you enough for the work you've done. If I can be half the blessing to others which you have been to me, my life would not have been in vain.

Hi Jim, I feel blessed. This course of yours is priceless. I'm a programmer myself and what you taught in this course is insane. I never programmed in MQL4 before but now I have a new powerful tool in my programming toolbox. As a programmer engineer what I will do with this is limitless. I just wanted you to know that the way you teach is just great. You seems to master this whole thing. Not only the language in itself but the trading too. I heard about the basket trading but not the way you are doing it. Not only I have learned how to code in MQL4 but also a new technique approach about trading which I think as you said is pretty powerful. Thank you again for all the work you have done. I have learned a lot in few hours in courses. Thanks you and God bless you, Gilles A.

To find someone as intelligent and as brilliant as Jim Hodges is rare. I don’t think it is possible to overemphasize that last statement. Jim has removed 100’s of hours of research, and countless hours of coding frustration off the plate of the beginner Automated Forex Trader. Jim’s knowledge coupled with his friendly demeanor, make a perfect combination for teaching MQL4 Auto-trading techniques to newbies. Teaching is hard work, and Jim gets the Job done with an A+. Obviously, Jim is a multi-talented individual: websites, book authoring, video creation, and multimedia use, are just a few of his talents. Layered on top of that is his ability to self-start, research for answers, reply to email help requests, put together programming course-ware, create and code his own auto-trading programs, and then be willing to share that information with others, is, again, as I said rare. Programming is not light lifting, and,additionally, I think it goes without saying, that successful FOREX Trading is a high washout endeavor. Yet, through it all Jim has come out a winner, and any student of his, that puts in 30% of the effort Jim has, will learn how to code and program their own trading robots. My coding confidence level has been dramatically increased thanks to this course. I now have a skill I can use, to pursue my trading ambitions. I unabashedly recommend this course to any FOREX Trader, and any auto-trading bot enthusiast. Thank You Jim Hodges,