Very good course. I'm studying IT on university in Poland and the quality Jim provides is equal and sometimes better than that of introductory programming lectures where i study. Very good examples, often i find myself returning to see how Jim wrote things (e.g. candle trailing sl.) when i want to save time...  Thanks Jim for great tool that lets me implement my ideas. Be well :) Some of the best spent money in my life.

Hi Jim, I just want to say that this is the most complete course on mql4 that i have seen yet on the net, i think that you give always more explanation to be sure we understand very well each point, i do not have any coding background, and this is very appreciated. Thanx for all the time you put in each course.

   I had followed Jim's videos on YouTube and watched them entirely. Just by watching those I was able to write my own EA to take trades even though it was meant for the old MT4 platform.
   I was so satisfied by his explanations on YouTube and his generosity in sharing his knowledge up to the point that I could write my own EA that I decided to subscribed to his “take a course program”.
   After subscribing, I realized that there are more components and tricks in making your EA, Custom Indicator, Script, etc.. that goes beyond your imagination.
   I personally would recommend to any one who wants to learn about EA writing to subscribe to this “take a course program” by JimDandy because it doesn’t matter if you have little or no knowledge about programming, he will guide you through greatly in making you an expert in programming Expert Advisors.
Ricky C.