Hi Jim,
I am Paul from Athens and I want to thank you for your help by means of the course lessons. I just completed level 2 and I can already understand many things about coding in MQL4 for getting some information or opening and closing orders. The important thing here is that everything is in the right order and very analytical but not tiring. Thanks again and I will go on learning from levels 3 and 4 as much as I can. I will be in touch.

>Hi Jim,
This email is to say thank you very much! My initial experience of forex trading +- 5 years ago) was VERY scary. I placed some money in a managed account, lost 20% very quickly and stopped this madness equally quickly. This was a real lesson about the forex market and the people trying to make big money in a short time.
   I got onto the internet and read what I could read and then bumped into your Kindle book offer. I got your book, read it, and decided your book is OK. Before buying The Book, I actually tried to code something myself, just referring to the MQL4 manual, but I found understanding the MQL4 manual very hard.
By some sheer luck, something that I wrote actually worked on one timeframe, one pair. At that point I ran into some Windows 10 problems which resulted in me losing the essence of my “working EA”, and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it to work again.
   It was around Christmas, the markets had gone quiet, and I did some thinking. I decided it might be easier to buy an EA... Back to the MQL4 site again, and I looked at EAs and EAs and more EAs.    After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I put down $99 for a scalper. It refused to work on my demo account. The author doesn’t answer my emails, and I have to admit I have learnt another lesson. 
   Some more time went by and all the time I had kept the JimDandy course in the back of my head. I eventually realised that $200 is really not expensive, and I signed up for part 1, and then 2,3 and 4. It was a real pleasure to go through all the videos.
   I am left with the confidence that I can code what I want to code, and if I need to, I can refer back to the videos. This was a great experience for me. Thank you VERY MUCH!
K. P.

Hi Jim,
I've been running through your MQL programming course, and so thankful I found this course rather than some others you might find else where. I have found that through your explanations you have brought the code alive, and it is really making sense, broken down into easy to digest segments. As a bonus, I now have some really useful tools which I can use and cannibalize to pull my own ideas together.
Thank you!
Chris O.