Hey jim i just want to thank you for this course. I was very passionate about trading and now im at the point that i can code my strategies and benefit from it and that is amazing. Your course is awesome and the thing that makes it better is that you answer my questions when i send it for you, the course inspired me to begin a computer engineering college while i study medicine, this is how much i loved the course.
Thank you very much, sorry about my bad english,

I took the course to create EAs and evaluate price patterns for level of recurrence. I have no programming background but this is simple enough for me to take on since it is mostly about writing scripts. My goal is to become a consistent Forex trader and by taking this course I think I am getting closer and closer to it.
  The course is taught  in simple language with no technicalities and with clear explanations. I like that Jim has no programming background as he said he is a carpenter by profession, so to me he represents a clear example of what we can accomplish if we have the desire, determination and will power to do it. Thanks for all.. J.Z.

Hi Jim,  Just want to say a big thank you for putting up this course, I know it's a tremendous amount of hard work.
The course is very clearly presented and you covered all the details in each topic so thoroughly.   I am computer science trained and just picked up forex trading. I find it very stressful to have to stare at the charts all the time and making decisions constantly. I knew forex robots existed but had no idea what they were or if it was possible for me to write it.

Then, I came across some of your videos on YouTube and I knew this was what I had been looking for. Besides trading, I am a stay at home mom and I also hope that I can make some money with this new skill picked up for writing Expert Advisors for traders who want to automate their trading in the near future as a freelancer. No regrets with my $200 invested. Thanks again Jim!