Dear Mr.hodges,

Thanks for your great course. Today ( after 2 month i think ) I finally  completed the level4. The teaching method , the reviews , the tests and descriptions on charts , problem solving methods and the way you use the help file all was great.Also the tools, like the icustom buffer tester , the MaCD indicator , the EAs, and recovery methods you taught are awesome. As you said, it was the best $200 spending that i could do on the forex tools. Thanks for your more than 2/3 years you took on recording these courses and I am waiting to learn more and more from your future courses.

Best wishes and god bless you.   F.S.

Shawn wrote:

I want to say thank you for your MQL4 courses. They are very helpful. You explain things very clearly and make sure to tell us what all the symbols and key words mean, so there are no misunderstandings. I will recommend this course to others, not only to learn how to program in MQL4 for Forex, but also as a grounding course in the subject of computer programming itself.

With this basic fundamental knowledge, someone interested in learning how to program could start with this course, and from there, move onto other similar or different and more complex languages. I have an Associates Degree in Windows Programming and learned some seven different computer programming languages. I also coded professionally for several years in the Cobol Language converting old Cobol code to a Windows interface. Quite frankly, I have never seen the subject of basic programming explained so clearly. This course is refreshing because it is quite divergent from the norm. The videos are very interesting with a down-to-earth style and focus on what we really need to know and not a lot of other confusing drivel. I will use this course as a benchmark standard for presenting computer programming to the novice as well as for presenting a new language to the more experienced programmer. It actually could also be used as a benchmark for how to teach just about anything via video. Thanks again!