After hours of searching, I found that your video course is far and away the best instructional resource for learning MQL4! Your course has allowed me to have amazing success in developing EAs! Thank you!Since I have some familiarity now with MQL4, I'm using it to learn OOP concepts that I hope will move my family and I into the next phase in our life! 😀
Great Thanks for All Your Work!

I have really enjoyed every minute of the course. Its presented in an easy to follow style and is a valuable reference. As a result of taking the course my personal programming ability has excelled immeasurably and has inspired me to confidently investigate the language sometimes beyond the course coverage. I have in a relatively short time been able to go from complete novice to competent programmer able to produce my own programs. This would never ever have happened without this course.

Jim really can't thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into the course content and the course presentation. It's quite honestly by far the best there is. Please keep it up.

From my experience it can be difficult to pick up the language from the available online manuals only. This course will guide you through with clear examples in a friendly style. This has given me the understanding confidence and ability to write my own EA's which will work precisely as I want them to.

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in FE trading and programming and wants to be more in control of their trades.

Martin Emmerson

Jayson K. Wrote:
Wow, I just finished level 4 and let me tell you this is the best $200 I have ever spent. This course has opened my mind up to the real potential of expert advisers. There is so much information within, not just about MQL4, but also about building a truly profitable expert adviser. This course is not only a must for anyone wanting to learn MQL4, it is also a must for anyone using MetaTrader. Thank you Jim, for making this course and making it affordable!!!