Hi Jim,

Initially I came across one of your early free videos on youtube and as it had an interesting format and seemed to explain that particular topic in an easy to follow way I decided to see if there were any others on there. After finding your other videos, I decided to spend the next few weeks watching them all and as a beginner to this platform and language found them very informative.

When your course then became available, I signed up and to date have watched levels 1-3 and am currently working my way through level 4. Even though you previously mentioned that your background isn’t training related, you do have a great ability to explain concepts in a clear and easy to follow way whilst making them enjoyable to watch. Compared to existing training material out there on the subject your courses are well structured, with good content and are importantly up to date with the latest changes to MT4 and its language, which I can imagine has been a mammoth task to achieve from your end !!

I have been extremely impressed with the overall course price and its content thus far and look forward to continuing on this MQL4 journey, as one of your students.

Keep up the great work !!


Chorlton (pip pip)

this is Raimund Bauer from the Eifel in Germany.

I have consumed Jim's course content from the beginning and he really knows his stuff. He also was accessible via email for direct conversations and could help out with a few tips to get me started in the beginning.

Today I have up and running several automated trading systems that never would have existed without all the effort that Jim had put in his courses. You can find them on MyFxBook if you look up my nickname "Justmyname". This stuff really works. I know it is a lot of work tolearn all the content, but from my standpoint it was one of the best investments that I made in the last years.

So if you are looking for MQL4 fundamental knowledge JimDandyMQL4Courses.com is the place to go!

Best regards from Germany,

Raimund Bauer