Mohamed wrote:

As we progress and develop in the art of trading, one finds himself developing new trading strategies and systems. As for me, i truly believe that if you can't write out your own strategy, then it is still very vague in your head and will end up losing money.

Now i believe if i can clearly write it but i can't code it, then may be it either isn't clear enough in my head or in my programmers head. To take this factor out, i decided to spend a hard earned $200 in this course. I had a little experience in programming back in the 80s with Basic, in the 90s with Fortran. I haven't touched or learned any programming language since.

At the beginning, i had my doubts that i would be able to code my own
stuff. However, lesson by lesson, I started to have more self confidence that i can make it. One month later and VOILA!!! I coded my own EA! It has looooads of things that needs to be changed and develop, but I have made it work.

I am an International baccalaureate Math High level teacher and
examiner. This guy is a super duper first world class teacher. Not
only that, he also responds to my questions when i am stuck and offers help. Where on earth can you find that quality with this amount of money? 

If you are serious into Forex as a career, don't think twice and
learn from this Master.